Above the line behaviour

Above the line behaviours are positive and make a contribution to the CLUBS and its goals, and are reinforced by coaches. Below the line behaviours are negative and hamper the CLUBS ability to meet its goals.


Ownership is the opposite of entitlement. When you take ownership you make things happen, you don’t wait for them to happen because you’re entitled.


Personal responsibility is an important key to life and club success. When you take personal responsibility for your success, you don’t whine about problems. You fix them. You respond positively to negative people and events


Accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for your actions – and their consequences. Sometimes you’ll screw up. Accountable people admit it right away, and then do their best to fix the problem they have created.

below the line behaviours


Blame is the opposite of accountability. People who blame look everywhere but to themselves to assign responsibility
– especially for problems.


Coming up with reasons to explain why you didn’t come through on a task takes almost as much time and energy as getting things right the first time. Admit it when you screw up. Don’t look for reasons to justify the mess you made.


Denial is a great way of avoiding personal responsibility. If the problem doesn’t exist, you can’t be blamed for it. The problem here is that when a real problem exists, denying that it does only creates bigger and bigger problems in the long run