Code of Conduct for Players, Parents and Spectator

The East Sandringham Junior Football Club (the Club) strongly supports efforts by the AFL and MSJFL (the League) to improve player, parent, official and supporter behaviour. The Club requires every player/parent:

  1. Receive a copy of the Code of Conduct (the Code).
  2. Have the Code explained by the Team Manager and/or Coach
  3. Sign (parent & player) that they have received it, had it explained and agree to abide by it.

Players’ Code of Conduct

  • Play by the rules – the rules of the Club and the laws of the game.
  • Never argue with an umpire or official – accept their decision and get on with the game
  • Control your temper
  • Be a team player - don’t be negative to team mates - build each other up and support each other even when they may have done something wrong
  • Respect your coachand team officials and do what they ask
  • Never verbally abuse others including comments that are based on race, religion, gender or ability
  • Show good sportsmanship to opposition players: shake hands at match end; apologise if you have done something wrong; congratulate them on something done well.
  • Play to enjoy the game and to improve your skills

Parents’ and Supporters’ Code of Conduct

  • Encourage participation but don’t force it
  • Teach that enjoyment is more important than winning
  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses – supporters are there to support not to denigrate
  • Lead by example by demonstrating respect for all players, coaches, umpires and spectators and insist that your child and their supporters also show this same respect
  • Do not allow or participate in any form of verbal abuse including remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability
  • Understand that physical abuse or intimidation is totally unacceptable in all situations
  • Recognise that the people involved are volunteers giving up their valuable time for your child
  • Never publically criticise umpires or seek to approach an umpire at any time – issues should be brought up only with the Team Manager
  • Direct all concerns about behaviour or the team through the Team Manager and if required through the Club Committee and not directly to the SMJFL
  • Acknowledge that a breach of this Code or the By-laws of the Club or League is likely to involve some sort of disciplinary action that could include a formal apology, suspension of a player or parent, fines or other sanctions and that you will support the Club in these matters
  • Remember that you are there for the participants’ to enjoy the game

By registering with the Club, you agree to abide by the Code and by signing the Code Register you acknowledge that as an individual player, as a parent and as a family you have read, understood and agree to abide to the Code.

Documents for downloading
Players, Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct